Diversity and inclusion

Drawn graphics of men, women and children of all races and ethnicities and disabilities.
Our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion across CAP. 

We believe God loves differences and variation. He longs to include those who experience marginalisation. There’s clear evidence of this throughout the Bible. 

At CAP, we’re committed to celebrating differences, not just because God models this to us but because we’re stronger as a result. When we’re able to draw on the differences in who we are – our identity, culture and experiences in life – it leads to each of us feeling more accepted and able to contribute. 

We want to make sure we actively recognise and celebrate differences. Our Diversity and Inclusion Programme Manager leads various projects with this goal in mind. We’re committed to actively improving as an organisation by:

  • Listening to our staff through focus groups, reverse mentoring and surveys, with the aim of better understanding what issues we need to address internally. 

  • Engaging with external research and studies, and exploring strategies used by other organisations to implement change. 

  • Building relationships with communities and churches who have modelled inclusivity well so that we can learn and gain insight into the changes needed. 

  • Investing in two full days of training on inclusive leadership for our Managers and Leaders.

  • Prioritising and amplifying the voices of people who have lived experience of UK poverty, and churches who know the needs of their communities best, to influence and shape how we work.

We’re committed to

  • Growing in our ability to support people from all backgrounds through the services we provide. 

This means acknowledging and learning from times we might have failed in the past so that we can grow.

We’re also seeking to better understand issues that contribute to debt in all communities, making sure we’re actively working alongside those tackling these issues.

  • Building relationships across the UK.

We’re actively learning how to support and work with a wide range of expressions and denominations of Christianity.

  • Creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels they belong and are able to contribute.

We’re determined to build structures and systems that make sure those who may previously have been overlooked know this is no longer the case.